Friday, March 29, 2013

many days

since I've last posted here.

1. Several days of deep intensive library research mode, the followup to my last post on the bibliography I was compiling. This involved trolling in various other databases for supplementary material, followed by mad dashes around to various local academic libraries in search of verification for problematic items. Insert here long amusing account of quaint difficulties of access to these libraries, from visitor registration to time limits on the computers to alien parking meters.

2. B's brother Righteous was having a Big Round Number birthday, and invited friends and family over to celebrate. We were amused by the amount of meat served on the munchies table, considering that he and many of the guests are Catholics and it was a Friday in Lent. The things wrapped in bacon seemed to be considered as having some sort of waiver, because what was wrapped inside the bacon was shrimp, and they don't count. Whether the shrimp actually cancels out the bacon, though ...

3. Quick segue to my own religion, and an early seder celebrated by Lisa DH's large family out on the coast, who've had me as their guest for many years now. Grrrreat matzo ball soup, lots of lamb, lots of wine. Newer and bigger house, and a good thing too as there were 19 of us. Next year, Jenna (our hostess) says, we'll start earlier, so it doesn't get dark, and eat out in the large side yard. And in the meantime, I said, next fall she should have a sukkah.

4. Driving trip to LA. Reason: maintenance shutdown at B's workplace gives her the rare chance of a few days off. Stayed with Dr. G, daughter and dog. Tutored daughter on state capital quiz for school. Tutored dog on bringing the ball back so we could throw it again. Also visited Sherwood Smith for scones, Sarah Beach for deli sandwiches at Canter's (plus impromptu driving tour of downtown Hollywood), Lynnsky for (in my case unearned) senior discounts at Souplantation, and others for others. Gave aforementioned daughter an autographed Smith novel; gave Dr. G FJM's book on fantasy rhetoric which, as I'd guessed, she didn't already have. Visited LA zoo which had meerkats, but not enough big cats and an entire dearth of penguins. Visited large used bookstore, previously unknown to me, which had a cat of the usual size.

5. Today is Good Friday, and Pippin, rather to his own surprise, is fasting. What has converted him to catholicism? In another hour, he is going in to the vet to have his teeth cleaned. Off now to prepare for persuading him that that's going to happen.

6. Imminent: a. Huge collection of journal proofreading that piled up while I was gone. b. Concert review to be tucked in before c. Family Easter celebration. d. and e. and f. ...

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