Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the body parts collection

My previous "world according to cat" post read, "I will gladly pet your hand with my head." I looked at that and thought, the two significant nouns in that sentence are both the surnames of people whose work I know. I started to make a list of other people whose surnames are body parts.

Elizabeth Hand
Anthony Stewart Head
Rollie Fingers
Michael Foot
Walter Legge
Edward Thye (who?)
Dave Nee
William Hare, of Burke and
Johann Sebastian Bach (okay, that may be stretching it)
J.F. Bone
Dr. Teeth
and, of course,
Philip K. Dick

ETA: A correspondent has added:
Frances Gumm (later known as Judy Garland)
Christina Scull


  1. A high school pal said he had known (in Iceland) a guy named Harry Longbottom.

  2. I once had the distinct pleasure of meeting one who added not just the body part, but also a quality, a Mr. Rottenfusser