Sunday, March 2, 2014


1) Cat show. It's become smaller over the years, and for the last couple has been moved by the county fairgrounds into a smaller hall. Full of Persians and Maine Coons. One of the breeders of the latter was called Bounding Maines. Do Maine Coons - big, stolid-looking cats - actually bound? The breeder said yes, they do.

The cat show remains the only convenient place to buy peacock feathers as cat toys. (Pet stores don't carry them.) After years without much need, we now have Maia who loves them. Loves them to pieces, in fact: we bought a dozen. If those last a year, it'll be because she loses interest.

2) Baptism of infant grand-niece Alex(andra). She cried lustily; so did the other baby up for the fount. In stereo! Loud family celebration afterwards.

1.5) In between, lunch at a late-breakfast place that serves apricot French toast and blueberry-banana pancakes. And a visit to my mother at the nursing facility, not that I haven't been spending most of my time there lately anyway.

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