Saturday, January 24, 2015

concert review: St. Lawrence Quartet

Usually when I get my concert reviews in to the Daily Journal on Monday, they publish them in the Local News section on Tuesday. If I'm a little later, they publish them in the Arts section on Friday. This time I got the review in on Monday, but it didn't appear until Saturday. So the second of my three backlogged pieces has now emerged from the printer queue.

I found this a rather subdued concert of works that could easily have breathed more fire. It was good, though, and while the John Adams String Quartet No. 2 is less interesting a work than No. 1, which I also covered in a local premiere, it's more pleasing to listen to. It certainly fit better between the classics than the new work of the hapless local modernist who was in that position at these performers' last concert.

My statistics tell me that I've now reviewed five works by Adams. That now ties him for most by living composers with Jennifer Higdon. These are good composers to be listening to; I could have fared far worse.

Editing at the DJ is light, but I see that, while I believe in the Oxford comma, my editors apparently don't. And neither do their parents, Ayn Rand and God.

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