Sunday, February 8, 2015

more Potlatch, and out and about in Seattle

1. The session for naming obscure books was difficult, because what's obscure? The unknown in one place may be the well-worn classic in another. This was illustrated by Deb Notkin's t-shirt, which read in bold letters, "Russ, Butler, Tiptree, and Le Guin." Most folks at Potlatch know who those refer to, but she can wear it out on the street and get blank looks. ("Tiptree? What kind of name is ...?")

2. The hotel elevators have the power to make people step out at the next stop, whether or not it was the one they intended to get off at. This may partly be because the lobby has the same color scheme as the sleeping floors.

3. There is still in Seattle a used bookstore with cats. One of the cats kept following me around and meowing. Usually bookstore cats are pretty blasé, because they get lots of attention, but it was early in the day, and wet, and we were the only customers.

4. Seen at a bus stop in Montlake: four people in business clothes waiting for the bus. Three were using their iphones or whatevers. The fourth was eating a banana.

5. Pike Place on Sunday is too crowded. Everyone wants a piroshky. (Why? They're OK piroshkies, but not that great, and they flake all over the place when you eat them.) Everyone else wants to get into the Original Starbucks. (Would they care if they knew it doesn't have at all the same layout as it did when it was the Only Starbucks?) Us, we just wanted to get down the street to the almost-deserted store that sells Turkish Delight.

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