Monday, January 11, 2016

I never drink ... wine

Like Treebeard's "I am not very, hm, bendable," this famous line of Bela Lugosi's Count Dracula is a motto of mine, but it's not entirely true. What I really avoid are beer and hard liquor, but I will take an occasional small glass of wine.

Still, most wine I don't much like, so it's worth noting that two bottles that recently came into our house via gift (they come no other way) proved to be rather tasty by my standards, so it's worth recording them.

1) 2014 Round Pond Rosato di Nebbiolo. A Napa Valley wine from our niece & nephew, who live near Round Pond and say it's their favorite winery. (It also produces gourmet olive oil, and I've a small bottle of that too, on our kitchen counter waiting to be used.) In my limited experience, rosé wines tend to suit me, and this was a good one.

2) Ste Chapelle soft red, no vintage. Oh look, it's imported ... from Idaho. Specifically Caldwell, which I suppose is about the most likely part of Idaho for vineyards. B. said of this wine that it's like port, only less strong. Both parts of that sounded good to me, and it was.

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