Thursday, June 9, 2016

concert review: San Francisco Symphony

Last concert on my season ticket. James Conlon conducted a jagged and dramatic Britten Sinfonia da Requiem, followed by conventional, but no less well-done for all that, renditions of Mozart's K.482 piano concerto (Jan Lisiecki, soloist) and Dvorak's Eighth Symphony. Orchestral playing was as exquisite as usual.

I've got an etiquette question, formed at the back of the Davies elevator. What should you do if you need people to move out of the way, but you've said "excuse me" two or three times and nobody's noticed? Time is pressing, because the elevator door might close. If you raise your voice and say it louder, they just get all indignantly offended. I even got swored at in strong language in just as loud a voice as I'd spoken in, though all I'd said was "excuse me," which is supposed to be considered polite.

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