Saturday, September 30, 2017

hush, and restless

The same medical issue that put paid to B.'s singing career is now, it turns out, being exacerbated even by her talking, and she's been prescribed complete vocal silence. For three months.

Like Buffy in a similar situation, albeit a different cause, she's gone out and bought a dry erase board, and that, plus a lot of notepads, a computer display, and some gesturing are enabling her to communicate. But you may see her even less than usual at social events for a while.

The hope is that, with sufficient rest, she might even be able to sing again, and nobody could be against that except the viola lobby.

Meanwhile, I went out with two items on my agenda. First, lunch with my stepmother, visiting from Wales on a long-delayed trip that had not been possible while my father was still alive but unwell, and which she's describing as probably her farewell trip to California. So that affects the agenda on future trips I take to the UK.

And to buy my pocket calendar/address book for next year from the little stationers' with the best selection. Only to discover that the manufacturer has discontinued the model that I buy. That I have been buying annually for over forty years. Some loyalty to their customers they have. I searched long and hard for an adequate substitute among the other varieties, considering switching from a month-at-a-glance to a week-at-a-glance, or to an otherwise adequate one that's too big to fit in my pocket, and wound up taking one whose most serious deficiency is that the spaces for weekend days are half the size of the others. Since most of my appointments are on weekends, that's a burden, but I think I can live with it, especially as it also has a notepad which I can use for the miscellaneous notes with which I am increasingly inclined to festoon the calendar.

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