Tuesday, November 28, 2017

lost in one place, then the other

Not too terribly long ago, I made a comment in somebody's post somewhere, to the effect that whatever we were talking about showed the fallacy of arguing that taking advantage of any privilege your status entitled you to was morally wrong.

I got a reply vehemently stating that nobody had ever argued that position in the history of the world.

I said they had, and that I had once blogged about it, but I couldn't locate it in my archives, so it must have been in the period for which my blog lacked a searchable index.

It was. I just came across it here. And I'd correctly remembered the context too, one of whether it's right for an opposite-sex couple to get married when same-sex couples can't. (This was several years ago, before the Supreme Court decision.)

But now, though I keep records of my comments, I can't find the fairly recent one so that I can supply the citation to supplement the conversation.

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