Friday, August 31, 2012


1. I am not in Chicago for the Worldcon. I may be in Chicago in six months, but not now.

2. I did not watch the Republican convention. I usually do, but I've given up on them.

3. Pandora is broken, and we are having her repaired. (Pandora is the cat.) This involves new food, bags of fluid with needles, and rubbing stuff on her ears. She will love this, I'm sure.

4. The mean kids have made it clear that they don't want me around to play. I didn't like being picked on by the mean kids in childhood, and I like it no better now, so I'm not going to annoy them with my presence any longer.

5. That may be one reason why I don't miss being in Chicago. It may also be why I've spent much time this week on a comforting statistical project.

6. In cheerier news, Dittmer's has re-opened. Dittmer's is the local deli that closed after a small fire in January. Of last year. After many the altered estimated date, and several the location change, it's back, and so are those chicken-and-cheese sausages. Ym.

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