Monday, October 28, 2013

musical weekend

Besides going up to see Crissy Broadcast on Saturday, I attended two symphony concerts over the weekend.

First, on Friday, the Peninsula Symphony, which I previewed for one publication and reviewed for the other. It was not very inspiring.

Then, on Saturday, Symphony Silicon Valley, which also got a review. This was much better; not one of their A concerts, but a good A-. Having exhausted myself at Crissy that morning, even with a nap and a large blast of caffeine I found it a bit of a struggle to stay alert, no fault of the players. I wasn't so out of it, though, that I failed to notice what I was too groggy or something to remember to put in my review: a huge horn flub in the third movement of the Shostakovich, less notable in itself than in the awesomely flexible way the conductor and orchestra stepped around the problems it caused.

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