Wednesday, October 30, 2013

recipe fixing

Sometimes this may be a cooking blog.

Yesterday, I found some chicken breasts on sale at the market, so I bought them. Then, on taking them home, I had to find a recipe to make with them. In the pantry, I found a packet of seasonings with a chicken recipe on it. Most of the other ingredients I had, in some form or another (substituting cider vinegar for balsamic - I'm not proud), although it did call for roasting plum tomatoes in the oven along with cooking the chicken.

I didn't have any plum tomatoes. We don't really like tomatoes all that much anyway. I could go back out and buy some, or, I could substitute. Hmm, what have we got?

Brussels sprouts. They're round. They roast well. We like them. We have lots. Let's use those. So I did. It came out pretty well, the sprouts, in fact, better than the chicken. Note to self, and I've mused on this before, but never taken it to heart: when the recipe says bake the chicken at 425, don't believe it. That's too high. Turn it down to 375 or so, and watch it in the last ten.

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