Tuesday, August 5, 2014

culture in Boston

Most everyone that matters to me in the performing arts is off at Tanglewood or somewheres, but there is a little going on.

1. Noon concert in King's Chapel with a viola da gamba and theorbo (bass lute) playing music of Marin Marais. Very melancholy. Well, it is by Marin Marais.

2. Shakespeare in the Common. 12th Night. I didn't find any of the romantic leads very inspiring, and the clown trroupe might as well have been wearing big signs reading "We're the clowns, so laugh already!", but Malvolio (Fred Sullivan Jr) in the scene where he finds Maria's letter was awesomely good, a complete transformation from sober pomposity to absurdity, so good in fact that, as this was the last scene before intermission, and as Shakespeare in the Common isn't designed for attendees who brought neither blanket nor lawn chair, so I had spent the whole first half standing up, leaning against a tree, and I was tired of that and didn't fancy an 11 pm walk back anyway, and I knew they couldn't top that scene, I just left then.

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