Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The older buildings are mostly of red brick. Not as attractive as the stone edifices of Princeton. Wait till B sees Yale, someday.

The building security guards don't want you to use the resstrooms, though the buildings are open to the public.

All the art museum galleries are closed, in preparation for being consolidated into one giant art museum.

We contented ourselves with the Museum of Semitic Archaeology, which was small but free and quite interesting. Walk-through exhibit of daily life among the ancient Hebrews.

First try at a used book store not quite as enticing as the little old ones over in Boston.

Ride on subway reminded me of Tom Lehrer's unrecorded song listing the stations. How many songs are there about subways, anyway? The Man Who Never Returned, Take the A Train, JC Cohen, Gilbert and Sullivan's Nightmare Song ...

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