Monday, September 26, 2011

John Cusack fixed our washing machine

At least, it looked like him. John Cusack in one of his roles as a superannuated high school student with a greasy pompadour hairdo. It could have been Nicolas Cage, but it wasn't. It was John Cusack.

The machine went out over the weekend a week ago. Consulting the manufacturer's website yields an appointment with a local service firm for 8-12 on Tuesday. John shows up at 10, takes a look, says we need a new pump, will have to be ordered, due in a couple of days. Two days later, he calls, says he'll be back on Monday between 10-12. Shows up at 10. Does a lot of work I couldn't do while I sit by reading old magazines, because this is the garage and there's lots of them to read there. Machine works. B. puts in her wash.

That's three successive promises, all kept to the letter. If you have to have your washing machine out of commission for a week, this is the way to do it.

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