Friday, July 13, 2012

Mythcon, schedule to the world

The Mythcon 43 schedule, open at last. I wrote this, yes I did, so blame me for the goofy panel titles and descriptions, as well as for the inevitable spots where the two papers you most want to hear are on opposite each other. I must have done that on purpose to frustrate you; can't think of any other reason.

Warning: this is a draft, and some changes will be made. So far none of the panelists has objected to the timing of anything, even when I ate into their lunchtimes; but most of the paper presenters haven't seen it yet. Apparently the list of papers I was given didn't have some late title changes (hmph), so that will be fixed later.

The only matter of concern to the average attendee is that checkout time on Monday is noon, not 1 pm. We'll be shoving stuff forward a bit to make room for that. (The Members' Meeting isn't really going to take 90 minutes, anyway.)

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