Saturday, February 9, 2013

composer gallery

I've had these things sitting in my document file for two years now, so I might as well do something with them. I was commissioned to write three pieces for the "composers' gallery" at the website I work for, but only one of the three was ever published and paid for, and that in a heavily edited form. So I'm putting them up on my website now, prompted by an inquiry about one of the composers, Paul Hindemith.

The format I was asked to write in - I copied it from the entries already present - is rather peculiar, and I probably didn't quite master its maximization of the use of present tense. Also, the section titled "Explore the Music" apparently isn't supposed to be very specific. But, whatever.

I did a little library research on Rimsky-Korsakov (27th most voluminous composer in my collection), and read an entire borrowed biography of Hindemith (71st), but the piece on Bruckner (21st) was written entirely out of material I had at home.

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