Thursday, November 7, 2013

library visit

Went to the public library to turn in a book, and then stand in line at the desk to have my account fiddled with.

Stopped in at the new book shelf when finished, as I usually do, and, as I often do, found an interesting book. Went to check it out at the automatic machine and found that I'd checked out two books, the other one of which I'd never heard of.

Back to the desk. Apologies from the clerk, who had inadvertently helped the next customer with my account and had just fixed that.

The book I checked out was Parkland by Vincent Bugliosi, the what-happened-on-the-spot abridged edition of his Reclaiming History on the JFK assassination. Detailed enough to tell us what Oswald had for breakfast and about the bumpy railroad crossing on the road to the hospital. Scene of Governor Connally in the emergency room reminds me: always know your loved ones' blood types. One question so far: If Bugliosi has this amazingly precise command of facts, why does he not know that nobody who actually knew him called JFK Jr. "John-John"?

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