Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lewis talk

The local C.S. Lewis society sent out notification of a talk being given at a church in Sausalito. I went; I'm not sure why, unless it was because of the guest speaker, the editor of the NY CSL Society bulletin, which just published an article of mine. It was pretty much as neat to meet him as I'd hoped. His talk, though well presented, and informative to much of the audience, had nothing new in it for me. Large parts of it consisted of the quoting of choice nuggets from Mere Christianity, completely nonsensical ones mixed in with the good ones.

I kept my mouth shut during that and some other foolish political remarks, but in a side conversation with someone whose excuse for the Hobbit movies was that Hollywood won't fund anything but action-adventure, trotted out my newest response quip, "That must be why Alexander Payne is starving in a garret, then," but it went right over the guy's head.

Lunch at what turned out to be a vastly-overrated seafood restaurant, and dinner at the same deli I went to the last two times I was in Marin. I find it difficult to land good places to eat there.

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