Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Stu Shiffman

Alas, he is gone.

Let us be thankful for the good life he lived before his illness, and for his noble ability to carry on afterwards. Let us be thankful that he found his true love, and was able to marry her before the end. Let us be thankful for his deep command of his wide spectrum of interests, from Victoriana to folk music; for the bright legacy of art he left us (and the Hugo to honor it); and for the good times those of us fortunate enough to know him had with him personally. I particularly recall the lunch the two of us shared at a Chinese restaurant somewhere on upper Aurora, where we ordered the beef with bitter melon and made faces at each other in an attempt to convince ourselves that we found the taste ... interesting.

Let us be grateful for his life, and to him for sharing it with us.

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