Tuesday, July 21, 2015

another indication that I am not human

Candy manufacturers are now making fruity candies only in red. Because people like that color so much.

But I'm not a person. Red is just about the only fruity candy color I won't eat. I hate artificial cherry and berry flavors of all kinds (so I won't eat blue, either). I'll only eat red candy if it's cinnamon, which I love, or in the rare case that it's apple. Throughout childhood I thought I hated real cherries and berries, too, until I tried them. I love cherries, accept strawberries, and will eat raspberries. But I still hate the artificial flavors of them. Not true of the artificial flavors of other fruits I like: just these. Favorite popsicles: pineapple, watermelon, grape, followed by almost anything citrus.

I detest red-fruit flavors so much, in fact, that red is my most unfavorite color in general, although my astrological sign says it should be my favorite. Throughout childhood, it was associated in my mind with candy I didn't want to eat, and it's retained my permanent disfavor.

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