Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hugo statistics

Anybody run statistics on the 2016 Hugo nominees yet?

If my hasty count is accurate, 38 Sad Puppy candidates made it on to the final ballot, including 13 of the 20 finalists in the fiction categories. But in many categories they had more than a slate's worth.

The Rabid Puppies did run a slate, although they denied calling that, and 62 of their 81 candidates made it on to the final ballot. A few were obvious loss leaders, but others were straight from the loony bin. As a person who attempted making nominations myself, but had few concrete suggestions as to what to vote for, I can confirm that a slate is still a powerful tool.

What about gender function in the fiction categories? Leaving aside the half-slot for "S. Harris" whom I know nothing about, 7 out of 20 were by women, 35%. That's not as high as in recent pre-Puppy years, but it's solid historically and much better than last year. Only 2 of 20, 10%, on the Rabid Puppy slate were by women.

Only 5 of 20 fiction nominees were not Rabid Puppies, and those 5 are all by women: Leckie, Jemisin, Novik, Okorafor, Bolander. Time to pull out No Award in Short Story again, I suspect.

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