Wednesday, May 18, 2016

new coat

Over the last few days, we've been watching our little Minnipin Cottage and all its neighbors in this small townhouse complex metamorph from pale beige caterpillars to ... darker beige butterflies.

Yes, the paintners* are here. And we've been getting various notices about their blast washing, or clambering over this or that part of your building. This morning, by appointment, they did the front door. By appointment because it had to be left open for two hours to dry. Though the cats are unlikely to wander out the front - why should they? there's no food out there - I still thought I ought to block off the foyer some way. I checked a pet store for gates, all of which were designed for dogs and would have to be covered up anyway to deter cats, and were very expensive anyway. So I put up three flattened packing boxes over the 44-inch gap, anchored by slipping the end of one behind a bookcase on the near wall.

All this work has been accompanied by carpenters replacing the rotted old yard fences and gates, for which it's about time. They'll get painted too.

*Oh when the paintners go marching in
Oh when the paintners go marching in
Just make sure they put a dropcloth
When the paintners go marching in.
- Allan Sherman

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