Tuesday, October 10, 2017

movie not finished

Cutter's Way (1981). Recommended to me as an investigation thriller. Sluggish. Crippled veteran who thinks this excuses his stupendous obnoxiousness* (John Heard) and his best pal, a slacker who frequently and inexplicably takes off his shirt (Jeff Bridges; in a later era this part would have been played by Keanu Reeves) make vague desultory attempts to discuss a crime Bridges witnessed, but by halfway through the movie they still haven't done anything about it, even though they know who the culprit is, so there isn't even anything to investigate. Two women (Lisa Eichhorn, Ann Dusenberry) stand around and don't do much either.

*How obnoxious is he? He's introduced in a scene in which he calls a black man the N-word, excusing himself on the grounds that he can't keep track of the preferred term. I should have stopped watching right then.

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