Wednesday, February 20, 2019

I had one once, but the wheel fell off

Good news: I got to Stanford to hear the Omer Quartet give an hour's noon concert. One of the groups at Banff three years ago, they've gotten even better in the interim. A Baroquely woody Haydn Op. 20 No. 2, a vivid and skittish Bartok 3, and a properly argumentative Grosse Fuge (Beethoven), none of them pieces I'd heard them do before.

Bad news: On the way home, my car hit a curb with such force that the entire wheel came loose, including the suspension. So that's probably the end of the line for my small blue thing, aged ten and just beginning to feel it.

What's worse than losing one's car is the impossible struggle to get anybody, body-shop consultant or insurance person on the phone or anybody, to explain what the course of events will be before you commit to following it. Afterwards they'll happily tell you many things, but you can't eke an outline out of them beforehand. Consequently you have to make decisions in a state of ignorance or even of misleading partial information.

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