Monday, May 6, 2019

concert review: Symphony Silicon Valley

Proceeding backward through my weekend, then, we get to Saturday at Symphony Silicon Valley. I was there to review this, so there it is.

The program, of Petrushka (by Stravinsky) and Rach 2 (the piano concerto), is one I could have used a refresher on. I know these works, but not particularly well, and I'd have liked to have gone over each with a score and a recording beforehand. But there just wasn't time, what with spending Friday rushing off to libraries 50 miles away and going to another concert that evening (next up in this travelogue) and so forth.

So this was more impressionistally written than I'd intended, but at least it was written Saturday night when I got home, leaving me free for a packed Sunday. (The Cal Sym concert wasn't the half of it. More on that later too.)

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