Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday online

Kalamazoo is over, but I had two online events today of other origin.

My old library school, the University of Washington Information School as it's now named, held a festive gathering as a memorial for its most famous alumna, Beverly Cleary. This was the second Cleary-honoring event I've attended there; when I was a student, she came by for a visit and gave us a talk. This time, the bulk of the event was a set of children's librarians from around the state of Washington, each reading a selection from a Cleary book. My favorite bits were the ones from Ramona novels: she's definitely Cleary's best character.

Menlo had another one-hour online concert. This one was the Calidore Quartet, a quite fabulous group I didn't want to miss, especially with tempting repertoire like the Barber Quartet and Schubert's Death & the Maiden. Very satisfying performances, especially the Barber, where the Calidore found a way to integrate the spikier outer movements into the idiom of the romantic flow of the famous Adagio that comes between them.

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