Monday, April 18, 2022

holiday season

Friday was the first night of Pesach, and since it was also Good Friday and I'm married to a Catholic, it was appropriate to make matzo ball soup (with imitation-chicken broth) for dinner.

Sunday was the party at B's niece's house for the holiday I know, for the nature of the celebration it entails, as Eatster. I made an even simpler than ever before broccoli dish, which got entirely eaten this time: just steamed broccoli with a pine nut-basil-parsley-parmesan-lemon juice dressing that gets mixed and poured over it just before serving. Found it in the broccoli cookbook I bought at the Salinas Valley broccoli festival all those years ago.

Plenty of relatives including children and friends-o'-the-family around, so let's just hope there was also no virus.

And with a little hopefulness for the future, I've just learned that the seder from friends that I customarily attended pre-pandemic has been revived this year for next Saturday afternoon, just in time to fit into Pesach itself.

Meanwhile I'm awaiting the last-minute corrections in our tax return to be made, and am looking for consultation on a fairly minor but urgent legal matter, and am also finishing up another deadline ...

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