Sunday, August 28, 2022

a taste of the past

Much of the ice cream sold in the grocers I tend to avoid, but of those available in pints (a necessary qualification: I don't want a larger container), besides the ubiquitous Ben & Jerry's, there's a few I particularly like. One of these is McConnell's, which despite its unfortunate name is a very good ice cream. Because I can only find it in a few of the stores I frequent, and because it's of fairly local origin (Santa Barbara), I assumed it wasn't widely available, but according to their website they're found across the US, just spottily.

Usually I get their mint chip or coffee flavor, but I'm here to report to anyone who cares that McConnell's "Chocolate chocolate chocolate" flavor, which is a strong chocolate ice cream with equally strong chocolate frosting and chocolate chips mixed in, is the only taste I've found which can stand comparison with the late Jane Hawkins's classic chocolate decadence. If you miss that, you might like this.

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