Sunday, January 15, 2023

very social Saturday

We actually went out to a social event that wasn't a family holiday celebration, though it was family more than anything else. Our nephew M. and his wife C. celebrated his 40th birthday by having a party, with catered tacos and a carrot cake.

They're the ones who recently relocated here from Texas, having had enough of Texas. Now M. works for Google (as does his brother), and they live in a home tucked in at the top end of a small canyon coming up from the coast. This is a wet, fog-laden environment that is just where we were thinking of moving when we were contemplating doing that, and the specific location is as protected from the sea and the (when not foggy) afternoon sun as we'd want. So I was also very interested in seeing the place, though the house layout would not have suited us.

Afternoon driving there was clear, though it was raining heavily on our return. Still. it was well worth going. At C's vigilant insistence, everyone was newly tested. I approve.

Most of the guests were M's friends and co-workers, but he also invited all his local relatives including his parents, siblings, and nephews; and we're the only aunt & uncle still in the area, so we came too. Had some interesting conversations with the other guests, who were most polite towards their elders. (Getting on to about 40, they're elders now too, especially in the tech environment, so they know.)

One of the topics that came up was the resurgence of vinyl recordings, so the folks we were talking with were quite receptive to a little of the history of the earlier vinyl age: the turntable speed wars of the 1940s and their outcome, the relationship between singles and albums in pop music of the 50s-70s, and so on. I was most tickled at how their eyes lit up with sudden comprehension when I told them what "LP" stands for and why it's called that.

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