Tuesday, May 9, 2023

concert review: Symphony San Jose

And the published review will cover most of what I have to say about the music. I'm a big fan of Márquez's Danzón No. 2, and if this new concerto didn't instantly appeal quite so much, it was certainly in the same vein.

The privately-owned parking lot immediately opposite the theater being apparently permanently overrun with construction, I've reverted to parking in the city garage a block away. On entering this I was met with a dismaying sign reading that the elevator was out of order, so since I was early I managed to find a spot on the second floor. Then I tried pressing the elevator button anyway and behold, it arrived.

The pre-concert talks have moved from the back of the main auditorium to the rehearsal space on the third floor, back to the main auditorium, back to the rehearsal space, and now to the front of the main auditorium, and inviting the guest conductor to speak is apparently going to be a regular feature. I used his identifications of the dances that made up the concerto, though the characterizations are mine after listening to them.

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