Sunday, September 24, 2023

food according to cats

It was approaching 5 p.m., a time of day when the cats are normally fed.

B. was already out, having gone to Saturday vigil mass, and would be back around 6:30.

I was about to head out to a concert.

Whether the cats would be fed or have to wait until B's return would be, we decided, a matter of circumstances.

But Maia came into the bedroom as I was getting ready to leave and gave out such importuning meows that I could not be so heartless as not to feed her. Cats know how to manipulate their humans. They rather resembled the meows that the late Pandora would use to try to persuade us not to take her to the vet, only in that case they didn't work.

But I didn't give the cats the treats that customarily follow the evening meal, and didn't they let B. know about that when she got home.

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