Tuesday, February 6, 2024

wet days

Monday I arose from my bed of convalescence and actually headed out on errands. Most of our supply of now-needed medical monitoring devices needed new button batteries. It was supposed to be less blustery a day than Sunday, but it wasn't. Plenty of rain and wind. No fallen trees anywhere I was, but plenty of piles of miscellaneous leaves and small branches littering the streets, and a few neighborhoods with the power out.

Today the weekly release of reviews on SFCV came out, and the SFS concert I would have reviewed on Friday had I not been hospitalized was not on it. Apparently the editors weren't able to find a substitute. And that was supposed to be the week's headline event. This only makes me feel more guilty that I wasn't able to attend. Not that I didn't attend, you understand, but that I couldn't. If they'd let me out of the hospital early I could have forced myself back in by trying to attend; on top of which, as B. pointed out, fellow concertgoers would not have appreciated me coughing.

Also today, in the mail a credit card bill, including the air fare to Mythcon next summer that I bought a couple weeks ago. The credit card split it up into numerous separate charges, so I looked it up on the airline's website to ensure the totals matched. They did, but it was at that point that I discovered what the airline had not bothered to tell me, which is that their schedules have changed and our choice of their one non-stop flight to MSP now involves a change of planes.

Now I have a choice:

1. Stick with it, despite our intense aversion, due mostly to age-related immobility, to changing planes. You can get assistance, but it is still a tremendous hassle with plenty of chance for things to go wrong, or if not wrong, stressful.

2. Switch to the new nonstop flight, which is at an inconvenient time, with no guarantee there won't be another schedule change.

3. Buy a new ticket with the other available airline, with all the hassle that involves, and hoping that the guaranteed refund on the first airline is for real.

Still weighing these options.

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  1. I could have reviewed SFS! I was there Friday and everything. I did have a Saturday review but, well, I could have dispatched the SFS program as well.