Wednesday, September 4, 2013

bacon postmortem

I'd bought my ticket to the Bacon Festival online, so now I get a survey in the e-mail. A pretty well-designed survey, it asks relevant questions and doesn't require that you answer Question 1 before proceeding to Question 2. The cover letter explains that it knows some attendees were unhappy because of long lines (yes, I saw those) and that the vendors ran out of bacon (oh, really? that must have happened after I left, but I left at 1:30 and the thing was supposed to run until something like 10 pm). As I came early and got much of my food before the lines got long, those weren't my own particular complaints, but I gave them a few words on 1) the lousy food; 2) the awful DYNNE; 3) the broiling pavement.

I didn't mention in my post one item that was meant to annoy but only amused: the presence of a small covey of anti-meat protesters outside the entrance to the parking lot. They carried signs reading things like "Why do we love dogs but eat pigs?" It's a good question, and it may have been answered by another sign, this one on the facility entrance itself: "No dogs allowed." Maybe they're afraid we might eat them.

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