Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The first time I visited The Other Change of Hobbit was before the bookstore even opened in May of 1977.

Today was probably the last time. Except that I didn't even get in the door.

It was my first chance to do so since their latest move, which, I'd known, was to quarters rented from a print shop in El Cerrito. Not, I gathered, a separate suite in an office building, but a back room of some sort in the shop.

I found the building, I saw the bookstore's sign in one window. I went to the one door, down by the print shop end, where I found the sign on the door. Beware of the dog. Presumably the print shop's dog, as the Other has cats.

When, with great trepidation, I opened the door, I found the dog to match the sign. Not a calm or friendly dog, which I could deal with, but a watchdog, determined to protect its ground from such dangerous beings as customers.

I shut the door and hastily retreated. Exactly how hostile the dog was, I didn't care to stay and find out. You want me to beware of the dog? Fine, I'll beware of the dog. I will patronize other establishments and not darken doors bearing such signs.

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