Friday, September 20, 2013

just a preview

One of my suggestions when I signed up to write on classical music for the San Mateo Daily Journal was that I do them an annual preview survey of events scheduled for their home base, which is San Mateo County. This means cheekily omitting the brighter stars of San Francisco and Palo Alto/Stanford and just highlighting what's going on in between. (Actually, the Journal circulates in Palo Alto but not in the far north of SM County, but I'm ignoring that.) That makes a small enough coverage - only seven ensembles or presenters - that I can fit it all in in the assigned space. The concert season is just about to ramp up, so here it is. My reviewing selections for the Journal for the upcoming year will be taken from these, I guess, so I'd best start thinking about which ones I want to hear and write about.

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