Monday, February 24, 2014

Potlatch: end

I've not too much to say about Potlatch on Sunday. We somehow managed to avoid getting tickets to the banquet; apparently going through the PayPal routine on the website was insufficient. There were a couple of program items that mostly listed things. Then we went home.

I should, however, mention something that got squeezed out of the lengthy Saturday panel report. Friday's panel on the history of San Jose had included mention of the hidden art in the King Library, the joint main library of the city and the city university. So I decided to post an Algonquin, Potlatch's do-it-yourself programming slot, of a tour of the hidden art, since I know where most of it is and have showed it off to people before. "See neat stuff!" said the post.

Some ten people showed up for the tour, including some locals. We saw the secret hidden bookcase, and the six-legged Vermin Miller chairs by the entomology section, and the Owl of Minerva, and the granite tables in the shape of continental plates (on wheels, so you can reunite Pangaea), and Alice in Wonderland's door in the elevator, and the Golden Gate of 88 gold-plated carburetors, and the Rosetta stone-shaped display that shows the I Ching, and the Skeptacle, and the Tweety Bird chair, and lots more.

Then I left them off at the library booksale which was occupying the back patio.

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