Monday, February 3, 2014

some tasks and comments

1. One more visit to downtown San Jose this morning to check out a few remaining intractable problems, and to maybe find out from the convention bureau the opening dates of a couple restaurants with "opening soon" signs in front (some others I was able to stick my head in the open door and ask the guys sitting around inside when they'd be open for business), and the Potlatch restaurant and local guide will finally be done. Then back to all the other overdue work.

2. Oh yeah, that reminds me. The guy at the convention bureau I was told to call about arranging restaurant discounts for Potlatch never called me back. After leaving him a message I put it out of my mind. Apologizing for neglecting to follow up in a similar situation is how I once got the blame for a mix-up in Hugo administration when it was really the fault of the guy who didn't do what he swore up and down he'd do, so I'm not doing that again.

3. Philip Seymour Hoffman was an actor better than most of his movies.

4. Got through a concert last night with minimal mention of the Super Bowl. (I don't mind that other people are interested in sports; it's when they assume that everybody's interested that it irritates me.) Review half-written; that's the second task for this morning.

5. Monthly bills are enough of a burden; more so when they're someone else's bills. Third task; that's for the afternoon.

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