Tuesday, February 18, 2014

workday morning

In a stressful time, it feels good to come downstairs in the morning and find two cats waiting, one to be fed and the other (who is a grazer with her own secret stash of food the first cat knows nothing about) waiting to be played with, which I originally took up to distract her from his food dish. I take what used to be a peacock feather until she bit most of it off, and waggle it in her direction, and she just gets so excited.

Also, all of a sudden, it's exciting times with Potlatch, which is this weekend. First, Kate Schaefer asked a perfectly reasonable question about transport to the hotel, and I realized that we didn't have a directions page, so I hastily threw one up on the site, having previously been tutored by our chair in the arcane art of editing the website. Then he edited it, adding the text of the rather foggy auto directions from the downtown association website that I'd linked to. But that doesn't point directly to the hotel, so I went back in later and edited it so it does. (If only the hotel's website itself included directions, but it doesn't.)

Then late last night, in came a PDF draft of the program book, in which my restaurant guide had been edited down considerably, presumably for space, which is fine, except that those changes dictated other changes which need to be made: correction of the revised coverage, cross-references, the cuisine index, some revision of what got taken out or left in, so, since time is tight (see "this weekend" above), I completed that hastily.

Now, much else to do on less cheerful topics.

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