Thursday, November 10, 2011


1, to a concert review: I wrote, "once he put the violin on his shoulder ... nobody was going to check their watch again." I was wrong. Old Grumpy from the Mercury was checking timings all through the recital. (Also, he misremembered which movement was filled with embellishments.)

2, to a city council election: A couple of close races here, but it appears that the weakest of the "establishment" candidates has actually lost to the perennially-running irritable gadfly. (This happens, occasionally. Two elections ago an incumbent, not just an anointed candidate, lost to a flaky challenger.) We'll see what hits the fan after he takes office. Also apparently elected: the unstoppably cheerful woman who put her childhood photos on her campaign mailing, and the retired cop who thinks his "integrity" protects him from conflict of interest in voting on police salaries. We already have on the council a retired fireman who talks in the same blunt but foggy manner, and who looks exactly like this guy too; now we have two of them.

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