Monday, November 28, 2011

what I've learned so far about piano movers

1. Piano movers don't answer their phones, even on Monday morning.

2. Though they have company names, their messages say things like, "This is Jim" and give the number, leaving you in doubt as to whether you had the number right in the first place.

3. Though the piano movers don't answer their phones, piano stores that don't do moving do answer their phones, and will be glad to give you the number of their recommended mover, who turns out to be the above company known as Jim.

4. Piano movers ranked highly on Yelp aren't in the phone book. Piano movers in the phone book don't appear in the high Yelp ratings.

5. Companies with display ads in the phone book have phone messages telling you they only do long distance moving; to find their local affiliate, check their web site. The local affiliate turns out to be a piano store that doesn't do moving any more, and doesn't know it's still listed as the local affiliate of a long-distance piano mover.

6. Piano movers don't take credit cards.

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