Sunday, January 1, 2012

peace and a concert

This was a quiet new year's for us. For once, we were both in bed and asleep before the witching hour. Aside from Friday's wedding and a New Year's Eve celebratory lunch, my only commemorative indulgence was a New Year's Day afternoon concert and dinner afterwards. The concert was by the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra and was titled "I Like Ludwig," and they didn't mean Ludwig Spohr. A solid two hours of the essence, the quiddity, of mid-period Beethoven from an orchestra of unparalleled grit and color, enough to make even a jaded listener - I hope - remember how he came to be considered a great composer in the first place. I shall be saying so in my review, which is to be written next. Happy Asimov's birthday on Monday and Tolkien's birthday on Tuesday; I shall have to find equally sedate ways of celebrating those.

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