Saturday, December 31, 2011

the annual year-end post

And then I wrote: 26 concert reviews and 2 other articles published at SFCV. That's one every other week on average, though of course it wasn't that regular. Twice I did three within a period of two weeks. Two of the concerts were not exactly musical.

Other than that: the annual review of the Year's Work in Tolkien Studies (co-authored with Merlin De Tardo) and the annual bibliography of the same subject (co-authored with the editor's student, whom I've never met) for the journal Tolkien Studies. Two reviews, one short article, and an obituary for the Mythopoeic Society's publications, some of it hacked from LJ posts. Another article there in press.

And then I went: to the following cities stayed overnight in:
Sacramento, CA (twice)
St. Louis, MO
Blytheville, AR
Arnold, MO
Santa Fe, NM
Albuquerque, NM
Reno, NV
Medford, OR
Albany, OR
Portland, OR
Yreka, CA

Other states set foot in: Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Washington.

I probably set an annual personal record for the number of SF conventions I attended without leaving town: Corflu, Potlatch, and Westercon (to which Fogcon would have been added had there been time), and I certainly set a record, both in-town and out, for the number of different public libraries I visited in one year: at least 30. (The reason for this is still to be named later.)
Longer day trips took me to various places around the area, in San Joaquin, El Dorado, Napa, Sonoma, and Monterey counties.

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