Sunday, July 21, 2013

bloody peasants

I just got an e-mail that I presume is real, because none of its links go to flytraps, from my website host. It says I'm approaching my monthly traffic limit, and my site will become unavailable for the rest of the month if I overtake it.

I think I know why that happened. My previous picture-laden post - not the Edward Eager one, but the trip to the tall, thin house - I'd hosted the six pictures, not on Flickr, but on my web site. This was because I'd been frightened off of using Flickr because of the reported problems with its recent changes. I went ahead and used Flickr for the Eager post, and since it was OK, I've uploaded the pictures from the previous post onto Flickr and changed the links, so it's safe to view again now.

But blimey, is one month's traffic on six pictures enough to push the limit? I'd better be cautious with uploads in the future, and hope none of my pages ever get slashdotted.

How should I keep track of traffic? The e-mail provided a link which it said was to a traffic tracking program. But if I click on the link, I get my hosting service's general software page with no trace of such a program on it.

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