Sunday, August 24, 2014

third eye

In addition to posting on my own blog on Blogspot and LiveJournal, I now have a third place to appear.

Actually I was invited to join the group of Tolkienists blogging for The Tolkien Society several months ago, but it took this long for me to approach the hump of figuring out how to log on and work the thing, and even then it took several stupid questions patiently answered by the TS chairman, Shaun Gunner, who's responsible for this and I hope not by now regretting it.

My first post up is the review of John Carey's The Unexpected Professor posted here yesterday. The nice repro of the book cover along with it is not my doing, but I expect that of Daniel, their WordPress guru. I expect that from now on my Tolkien-related posts will appear there as well as here, and perhaps the more recondite ones may appear only there, though if so there will be a link from here.

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