Saturday, December 27, 2014

concert review: Musica Pacifica

I volunteered to review this one. I'm not sure why I did, unless if it were to get some sort of December review in the Daily Journal: my goal is to write for them about once a month.

It wasn't easy: early music is the most difficult kind to review, and I didn't really try very hard. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable concert, with good performers and at least moderately interesting music. My seating neighbors had never heard - or heard of - the Biber Mystery Sonatas before and were duly impressed.

I managed to irritate the violinist after the concert in the course of asking some technical questions about her performance. She took my questions as my telling her about her own specialty. I suspect this communication difficulty lies behind a lot of the world's charges of "mansplaining": it's particularly common among aspies, not that I am one, to lay out your own understanding of a topic so that you can be corrected on anything you got wrong. And you can try to frame it so as to communicate that you're taking that approach, but that's not always clear either.

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