Saturday, December 13, 2014


Silly links:

An impressively clever (and well-researched) Tolkien satire.

11 Types of Young-Adult Novels You Totally Miss. Gets a little overgeneralized near the end when it reaches "fantasy" and "science fiction", but umph there are a few zingers earlier on.

Diet & Fitness Books of the Bible. Because it's about time someone suggested that Pilates is the plural of Pontius Pilate. What else could it be?

Pride and Prejudice in Strine. Is this realistic, or just the antipodean equivalent of Valley Girl?

And a serious one:

Pilotless airplanes and what happens when someone needs to pilot them. Replace "airplane" with "car" and "pilot" with "driver" and this is our future on the roads. Has anyone considered that wrinkle yet?

And a freebie:

Buy online a ticket to the Hobbit movie and they'll give you a free Nook copy of the book. Assuming you still have a Nook.

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