Monday, January 19, 2015

cliche city

Started to watch a miniseries I'm not going to name because of spoiler issues. In the first episode, a politician is (figuratively) stabbed in the back by his closest ally, whose defense is that he'd concluded their plan was a bad idea ... but somehow he'd never bothered to say so, though he claims he had. Stabbed guy hatches plot with equally political wife to get back. We know they're close because we see them having hot sex. Later, their phone call is interrupted by call to wife from the bad guys; she says she'll call him back. Cut to her going on TV and undercutting the revenge plan. Husband, watching at home, is so furious he breaks wine glass in his hand (cliche). Did she not call him back and tell him why whatever the bad guys told her made her feel obliged to do this?

End of episode. Read plot summary on Wikipedia. Yep, the rest of the series is more revenge upon revenge upon revenge, all generated by allies not keeping each other fully informed, despite everyone having cell phones up the wazoo. Also: remember the jogging scene in the first episode with the old guy who pants that he's getting too exhausted for this? Yep, he will keel over and die unexpectedly later on (cliche).

Not going to finish this.

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