Tuesday, January 13, 2015

concert review: Music at Kohl Mansion

I'll have more to say later on my trip to Arizona - you'll see - but today, here's what happened when I got back. Stopped off quickly at home, and then headed straight off to work, that is to review this concert from the wilds of Burlingame.

I did not feel particularly prepared for this one. There's really nothing much to say about a minor piece of pleasant Mozart, the new work and its composer I was totally unfamiliar with, and, though I had listened to the Korngold Suite more than once in preparation, I had not found it easy to get a handle on. This in contrast to the resident musicologist, who gives the pre-concert talks there, who utterly adored it on first contact. And also in contrast to my own immediately positive reactions to most of Korngold's orchestral concert music.

So this is a somewhat on-the-wing review, written on-the-fly this morning after I spent most of Monday getting the rest of my business in order. So it may not be deep, but it's lighter than I often manage. The editors have their own ideas of what to use as pull quotes, but I'm most pleased with having coined the proverb, "Nothing can sound too ugly when played on a marimba."

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