Saturday, April 4, 2015

end of the PCA

One more session attended, this one on Shakespeare and film. One speaker who kept mixing up the names of the characters in the based-on-Shakespeare film she was discussing. Another who spoke rapidly in an unintelligible mumble. I'd hate to be a student in his English class.

Two more bowls of jambalaya. One good enough to go on the top three list, the other also very good. At restaurants without jambalaya I did, however, rapidly tire of gumbo.

Ranger at NPS visitor center tried to make me buy the library book I was carrying. Then he proved unable to answer the question, "Will the other units outside of town be open tomorrow?" or, rather, gave four contradictory answers in quick succession.

French Quarter is full of pedestrians who behave as if they believe that other pedestrians, and even cars, have the ability to pass through them without collision.

It may also be full of pickpockets. That's my best explanation. Fortunately my bulky-looking pocket is not the one I keep my wallet in. Still, a damnable nuisance.

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